Header image by Natalie Rapoport. Antoni Gaudi. Sagrada Familia. Barcelona.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Barcelona. Part 2. Barri Gotic.

The Gothic Quarter, Barri Gotic in Catalan, or Old Town of Barcelona where it all started around Roman village of Barcino on the sea shore, stretched along the important routs. You can still see a few remnants of massive Roman walls.

This wrought iron balcony is one of  my favorite. It is very typical Barcelonian. One look at this image and I'm back there.

Actually it’s not gothic or medieval strictly speaking, but looks and feels very authentic. Most of the buildings are early 19-th  century and are Gothic revivals. Many restored and rebuild in 20 century. Some are really were built in 13-15 centuries like those medieval town houses or palaces which were adjoined to form the  Picasso Museum.
Recently published works revealed interesting discoveries stirring a controversy. Even the famous bridge over the Carrer del Bisbe which looks like a flamboyant brother of the famous Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs) in Venice  built in early 1600-s. The elaborately carved   Bisbe bridge with lacy stone work and amazing woodwork looks like a renaissance creation but in fact was built in 1928. The fine craftsmen didn’t loose their touch over centuries. Quite the contrary.

The winding cobble stone streets and  narrow alleys, beautiful street lanterns. It’s not dark and gloomy as one might suggest judging from name Gotic.
It would be easy to guess that the center of a historical quarter would be a Cathedral. Not exactly. The visitors streaming mostly towards the Picasso Museum. If not for the art treasures then to see the the inner court and palaces which houses the famous collection.

Theses streets have so much character. Real or revivals doesn't really matter.This is old Barcelona.

At the edge of the Barri Gotic.
If only these weathered doors could speak. They surely know lots of stories.

Beautiful wall decorating. Such elaborate work requires frequent restoration.

These two (left) geometric beauties I picked up on the Carrer Argenteria, a shopping street famous for its jewelry stores. This is died lava. I turned it into pendant on matching leather cords. Looks vintage 60-s?

Couldn't help but looked into this inner court. There was a restoration in progress. A brick work on the wall is a faux finish. The arches with staircase are beautiful. And the light is on even on sunny day.
One more reason to admire Barcelona. It's not about showcase the gorgeous facades, it's about being irresistibly beautiful in and out always.
This common street sign shows the Exit.

Thank you for visiting and come again soon.

* All images copyright Natalie Rapoport.


  1. Such striking, well composed photographs Natalie...I especially like the wrought iron balcony and the contrasting modern lamp post.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog I really appreciate it...glad you agreed with me about Cate ;-)

  2. Wonderful images Natalie! The contrast and glow in the entry with staircase is amazing!

    Art by Karena

  3. What an extraodinary post! Whew! It makes me want to go! Thank goodness I don't know how to drive as Barcelona is only about 5 hours from us--otherwise I could be there for sunrise! :)

    1. Thank you Heather very much. You always can talk Remi into it, you'll enjoy the trip together. And please stay tuned. The best is yet to come.

  4. I almost could not find your comment box! I took one look and the top photo and it would have done it for me today. It's so beautiful, then you give us so much else. I wish I could be so generous on my blog. I love this place you've taken me to. It's a place I will most likely never see for myself. I can be happy with your divine images .
    Merci mille fois,

    1. Thank you Virginia. Sorry for the comment box. I've removed a few images saving for the next post and accidentally left the space empty. I'm still new to blogging. Thanks for bringing this up. I'm going to continue the Barcelona series so stay tuned.
      Entres nous trip to Barcelona could be much more affordable than Paris. Just wait a bit for new posts, you'll see...
      It's my pleasure to take you there.

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  6. i'm truly enjoying your bcn series,
    among my fave walks was also the Bariic gotic side,
    its winding alleys and old catalan feel to it,
    can't wait to see more of your posts.


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