Header image by Natalie Rapoport. Antoni Gaudi. Sagrada Familia. Barcelona.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Skylights of Le Bon Marche

Today’s post by Vicky Archer of French Essence about 160 anniversary of the famous Parisian department store Le Bon Marche inspired me to do a bit of a research.
Notice the perforated ceiling base. And the modern furniture installation is quite at home.

It happened to be a world’s first department store established by Aristide Boucicaut and located on Rue du Bac. (Actually the Brits has another opinion regarding firstness.)
Later the successful growth of the business lead to new additions when architects Boileau and Laplanche were commissioned to enlarge the store sugnificantly between 1869 and 1887.
Around 1877 they contracted Gustave Eiffel to built the metal/glass roof,  the first structure of this kind in the world . That’s why the Bon Marche building is considered a  monument of architectural innovation and a landmark not to be missed.
The ceiling is magnificent !  The day light is streaming trough the ornamented glass.
That is exactly why I was there, to see beautiful interior design and take a glimpse of furniture/lighting department which was quite impressive.
 I can only imagine how beautifully the store will be decorated for the upcoming event.

 This handmade lounge chaise caught my attention as well as a very original light fixture below.

I was probably too preoccupied with the skylights and didn't pay much attention to the goods. Just wondering the galleries was a pleasure. Maybe next time in Paris...

* All images copyright by Natalie Rapoport


  1. Hooray--as always Natalie, I learn something and am inspired--and I thought that I knew LBM inside and out!

    Love that chaise longue too.
    Bon weekend!!

  2. Une superbe publication... qui m'incite à retourner dans ce merveilleux magasin dès que je retournerai à Paris.
    Vos photos sont extraordinaires.
    Gros bisous

  3. I couldn’t agree more! The ceiling is really beautiful. I love it because the glass doesn’t just serve as awesome interior design but it also provides pure, natural light at the same time. It really looks elegant and pleasing to the eye!

  4. Look at that skylight! I hope I can visit the place and see that spectacular sight with my own eyes! The skylight is a very nice idea, plus the design is very attractive. I think Le Bon Marche was visited more often because of that very nice ceiling!

    -- Jere Leach

  5. It really gets me every time I see French architecture. Their intricacy to detail is so unbelievably impeccable. The mosaic glass skylight was very beautifully made. Every piece plays an important part to the whole ceiling masterpiece.


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