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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas in NY

As the author of the  Stuff Parisians Like Olivier Magny in his brilliant and hilarious satirical homage to Parisians put it : “Asking any Parisian where in the world he’d like to live, you will get the same systematic answer : New York.
It is every Parisian’s dream to live in New York”.
I wasn’t fortunate enough to be in Paris around Christmas time to have any pictures, I decided it would be almost natural to jump back over the pond to NY and to take you on a 5th  Avenue window shopping stroll like Parisians would do.     
One of the best things to do in New York in December is to go window-shopping as leading stores are revealing their Christmas displays.
It’s a competition not to be missed. As there is US Open, it could be NY Open as well. As if  Manhattan is trying to make it up for you for gray and naked Central Park waiting for a snow to wrap itself in a white fur.
From 42nd Str./5th avenue up north it’s getting better and better. Mingle with crowds at Rockefeller Center , watch the skaters, magnificent giant Christmas tree, enjoy the festive lights  and slowly approach the block 57th/58th Str where Bergdorf  Goodman flagman ship anchored. This is a real treat! You’ll pause transfixed in admiration.

Couple of years ago I was carried away by this winter fairy tale.
Windows on 5th Avenue are always beyond comparison especially at Christmas time. But  Bergdorf Goodman is  at the very top of the chart for the last decade or so. The revealing of his windows is anxiously anticipated as a Broadway premiere night. It’s an event in itself, hardly a 3D installation, but a theatrical performance with theme and story and a brilliant cast, and set design,  and a melody of lights.

 If the title and brand DreamWorks wasn’t already taken, it could righteously belong to this immensely  talented designers team of Linda Fargo and David Hoey and their small artistic army. Their creative fantasy  and daring sense of humor is unstoppable. Add to this obviously an unlimited budget and a team of unique artists and craftsmen, and you’ll get the apotheosis of  glamour, opulence and decadent visual feast.
The team is working with ultrasonic speed  creating  35 windows  about every 2-3 weeks. Absolutely unbelievable! So these windows of December 2008  can be well considered vintage.
Beside tremendous artistic talent and exuberant energy their signature is in meticulous and uncompromising  interest to the tiniest detail and unprecedented sense of humor.  No matter how dramatic or glamorous scene is there’s always room for a smile.
Whatever scenario they  choose it’s always unpredictable.
So if you’re up to a huge surprise or craving an opulence on a big scale you can’t miss this attraction.
 At the Rockefeller Center
The Lunar Bird by Joan Miro. 
Love the name of this enchanted and huggable creature. It exudes happiness.

PS. For the night shots were I was sort of an artistic director  I have to give equal credits to my husband for being a chief technical adviser. And I was holding umbrella over the camera too.

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  1. Inspiring... I am out window shopping!
    Thank you! And Merry Christmas!


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