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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It has been a YEAR!

My dear friends, it has been a YEAR! The First anniversary of this exciting journey.
Jewel Yet to Find is one year old. Can’t believe it.
Thank you to all my readers who found the time to follow  the blog, for encouraging comments and friendly support.
I’m delighted to make a few wonderful friends in blogosphere universe, to virtually travel the world and exchange the thoughts, to share interesting moments and finds.
I appreciate each and every comment. The feedback is soooooo important. The fellow bloggers know this anticipation. I'd love to hear from you.

Reading. Lately there were so many posts about books  vs. electronics, regarding vital necessity of reading in our lives. I still can’t switch to digital readers. I love the feel of real book , love to touch and turn pages, hold in hands, simply look and can’t help it. Electronic book it’s like speaking over the phone, you can hear all right but you can’t look in the eyes , see the face and gesture. It is…well… different in many ways, easier.

I remember how excruciatingly hard it was before our move to Canada back in 1996 to part with my home library. Because I remember how I’ve got each and every book either saving from scholarship, or friends pooled together for a birthday present richly illustrated art album  I coveted so much. The starting point was bits and  pieces of my father’s library. And there came a moment when I had to let it go. I donated to a large Performing Arts library, to friends but like with a pet one forced to leave behind I was looking for the good hands. It was then, long time ago.

Today we all have internet, click and ta-da! All you need to see or to know is at our fingertips. And still…I love books.

This short video is an homage to Joy of Reading, little masterpiece of ad art created in Toronto tells it all in a dynamic and touching story. Not laud and flashy but beautiful and moving. I love it along with  more than 3 million viewers .
 via here
Books come to life when we open them, they have souls and personalities.
There’s always a world behind the cover: simple and insignificant or colorful, soothing, provocative, mind blowing revelations, complicated, profound and unforgettable.

Here’s to the joy of reading.

Thank you and see you soon. 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS Natalie ;-)
    I so agree with you...books have souls and personalities they come to life in our hands...great post!

  2. Your first anniversary Natalie.....congratulations on your jewel filled blog! Mine's coming up soon too....time goes fast when you're having fun!!!! And I wholeheartedly agree with you about books Natalie...they do have personalties....and I could never resort to Ebooks either...a little book in the hand with beautiful endpapers ....gilt edged pages....its papery smell....that's for me. Do you like Shakespeare & Co here in Paris...I do love going there...oodles of atmosphere...cosy and filled to the brim with interesting books. A perfect destination on a Winter's day! A bientot.

  3. I could not imagine a life without books...Congratulations on one year in Blogging

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