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Monday, August 20, 2012

Sweet Dreams

If only there were Olympics for patisseries I know who could lead the French team to the unrivaled victory. It would be most certainly the talented author of the Paris Patisseries blog Adam Wayda who is obsessed with Art of pastry to a cosmic, unimaginable and immeasurable degree.
Cafe Pouchkine, 64 Blvd Haussmann 
His descriptive volumes are literally a sweet homage to the chef-d’oevres of pastry artistry, odes, sheer poetry  devoted to beautiful creations of the very best pastry chefs  and their heavenly delicious gems.
This guy is a genius in lieu of the sublime taste description with the tiniest undertones, imaging and  presentation. He knows the art of pastry inside out from A to Z and soon enough became a celebrity himself.  His love and devotion to pastry is highly contagious so beware my friends.

The way he describes and photograph a layered delicacy is enough to feel the taste and is soooo tempting! You don’t even need to fight the extra calories and beat yourself mea culpa over. It’s simply “I’ll have what HE has…”
His top 12 patisseries are crème de la crème. We couldn’t  try all of them of course, the sweet luxury is pricy and waist unfriendly mind you,  but a few. The temptation doubled as these elite pastry shops are serving numerous ice cream and sorbet flavors and even one scoop in this July heat was a life saving indulgence.

And the champion is Café Pouchkine: the greatest, the grandest, excelled in Art  of Pastry,
the most spectacular one. How to say Haute Couture in Pastry world?
Others may be very talented even virtuoso soloists in the colorful pastry orchestra of Paris, but Pouchkine is the Maestro.
Unfortunately they don’t allow pictures inside café, only outside through the window thus the quality laisser a desirer. Anyway I can't come even close to the fine imagery of Paris Patisseries, so for any references regarding sweet marvels please visit this blog.

I hardly had time to snap shot of what we’ve got for our little picnic in Parc Monceau as the  trophies started to disappear oh too fast.  I could have been left without degustation if I delayed a bit longer with the camera.

If you are visiting Paris and decide to splurge a bit on pastry Paris Patisseries is your best guide but whatever you decide don’t miss Café Puchkine in Au Printemps or you won’t forgive yourself...It's beyond the most daring imagination.

* All images copyright by Natalie Rapoport


  1. Well, we are about to have dinner here in Seattle, and all of the sudden, the fragrant cantaloupe I had prepared for dessert is starting to look... a wee bit sad?! I have not tried Cafe Pouchkine yet, but after seeing these mouth-watering patisseries, I will rush there when I return home, bien sur! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. It's a serious temptation. The whole pastry is so perfect that you'll feel pity to take the first bite then you'll feel happiness. Take Mutti and a junior there Veronique, it'll be more enjoyable to see their faces. mm, yammy...

  2. Exquisite everyone...what a talent!
    Nothing lovelier than a Parisienne Patisserie.

  3. This has me so hungry now, Natalie--and I don't even have a sweet tooth!! :) Isn't it wonderful when people put all their heart into what they do?


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